Patient Video Testimonials

Collins Oral & Facial Surgery

If you are looking for more information about a procedure, listening to real stories from our past patients is one of the best ways to learn more. At Collins Oral & Facial Surgery, we offer full-scope oral and maxillofacial surgery, providing procedures such as wisdom teeth extractions, dental implant placement, jaw surgery, and much more. With so many different treatments offered, we have had the opportunity to treat a multitude of patients with various conditions. Regardless of your condition, we are confident that we can develop a treatment plan that will provide you with a permanent solution to your oral health issue.

Many of our past patients came to us unsure of whether or not we could find a solution to their problems. Other patients have been referred to us by local dental professionals who knew that our services would elicit optimal results. No matter what the reason was that patients came to our office, each patient left our office with their oral condition treated and a smile on their face. We encourage you to watch the testimonials below to hear their stories and to learn more about our services and the high-quality care that we provide. You can also hear from the professionals who refer to us about why they love sending their patients to our office for treatment.

Connor’s Wisdom Teeth Removal

Read Connor's Story

Katie Underwent Wisdom Teeth Removal

Read Katie's Story

Dr. Collins Performed Andrea’s Wisdom Teeth Removal

Read Andrea's Story

Holly Needed Her Wisdom Teeth Removed

Read Holly's Story

Dr. Collins Removed Kimberlyn’s Wisdom Teeth

Read Kimberlyn's Story

Madalyn Needed Her Teeth Extracted

Read Madalyn's Story

Deborah Had Her Teeth Extracted and Dental Implants Placed

Read Deborah's Story

Larry Received Dental Implants

Read Larry's Story

Dr. Collins Removed Tymber’s Wisdom Teeth and Placed Her Dental Implants

Read Tymber's Story

Phillip Restored His Smile With Dental Implants

Read Phillip's Story

Don Received a Full-Arch Replacement

Read Don's Story

A Full-Arch Restoration Restored Jimmie’s Smile

Read Jimmie's Story

Clifford Got a Full-Arch Restoration

Read Clifford's Story

Lauren Had Her Teeth Extracted to Receive a Full-Arch Restoration

Read Lauren's Story

Katie Had Jaw Surgery and Got Her Wisdom Teeth Removed

Read Katie's Story

Mark Underwent Jaw Surgery and Received a Full-Arch Restoration

Read Mark's Story

Dr. Collins Performed Christi’s Jaw Surgery

Read Christi's Story

Dr. Fulmer Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Read Dr. Fulmer's Story

Dr. Kirsch Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Read Dr. Kirsch's Story

Dr. Dalton Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Read Dr. Dalton's Story

Dr. Cooper Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Read Dr. Cooper's Story

Dr. Fiddler Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Read Dr. Fiddler's Story

Dr. George Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Read Dr. George's Story

Dr. Higgs Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Read Dr. Higgs' Story

Dr. Flanagin Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Read Dr. Flanagin's Story

Dr. Hill Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Read Dr. Hill's Story

Dr. Crafton Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Read Dr. Crafton's Story