Trefoil™ Full-Arch Restorations

What is Trefoil™?

Trefoil™ offers an improved solution to dentures and traditional implant-supported dentures because it focuses specifically on solving the real-life challenges that missing all lower teeth brings to a person. Designed solely for mandibular (lower-arch) restorations, Trefoil™ offers many of the benefits that have often been associated with other popular overdenture products, but at a lesser cost to the patient. This more affordable option brings optimal results in oral health and a better overall quality of life to patients.

Quicker and More Comfortable

An additional benefit for patients choosing Trefoil™ is that because much of the system, including the framework, is pre-manufactured, the total treatment time is reduced, as is the time “in the chair.” This leads to an even more positive experience for patients as they enjoy their renewed, healthy smile.

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